Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Hi-Innovator Business Foundational Course

    2. How to take the course

    1. Hi-Innovator Individual Profiling form

    2. Welcome to the Hi-innovator Business Foundational Course

    3. Pre-course survey

    1. Introduction to Module 1

    2. Lesson 1: Understanding personal development

    3. The Personal Development Plan

    4. How mindset influences personal development

    5. Expert Opinion | Demystifying Personal Development By Brian Ssennoga

    6. Module 1 Lesson 1 Worksheet

    7. Lesson 2: What is your purpose?

    8. Module 1 Lesson 2 Worksheet

    9. Gender in the work place and how it affects people

    10. Lesson 3: Entrepreneurial Traits

    11. Expert Opinion Demystifying | Personal Development By Brian Ssennoga

    12. Module 1: Conclusion

    13. Post Module 1 Feedback

    14. Additional Resources

    1. Welcome to module 2!

    2. Lesson 1: Customer Discovery

    3. Understanding what makes a good customer

    4. What customer problem are you addressing

    5. Conducting a needs assessment

    6. Module 2 Lesson 1 Worksheet 2A

    7. Module 2 Lesson 1 Action steps

    8. Lesson 2: The value offering to your customers

    9. How to position your product in a market

    10. Module 2 Lesson 2 Worksheets 2B

    11. Module 2 Lesson 2 Worksheet 2C

    12. Expert opinion | Evaluating your business product/service by Sophie Nanteza

    13. Lesson 3: Testing your product/service with your customers

    14. Module 2 Lesson 3 Worksheet 2D

    15. Module 2 Lesson 3 Action step exercise

    16. Module 2 Quiz

    17. Module 2 conclusion

    18. Post Module 2 Feedback

    19. Additional resources

    1. Welcome to Module 3!

    2. Lesson 1: How to determine the kind of team members you need and when

    3. When to hire | Profiling your team

    4. When to hire | What should you put into consideration before hiring

    5. Module 3 Lesson 1 Worksheet 3A: Profiling your team

    6. Lesson 2: Leading your team

    7. Do you know your staff | The 3 Foundational roles

    8. Employee Engagement Models | Contracts

    9. Do you know your staff | The 3 Foundational roles

    10. Module 3 Lesson 2 Worksheet 3B: Employee Skill Mapping

    11. Module 3 conclusion

    12. Module 3 Quiz

    13. Post Module 3 Feedback

    14. Additional resources

    1. Welcome to Module 4!

    2. Lesson 1: Discover how competitors can affect your business position

    3. How regulatory compliance can help you with the competition?

    4. Module 4 Lesson 1 Worksheet 4A

    5. Module 4 Lesson 1 Action step exercise

    6. Lesson 2: Assessing the possibility of a customer replacing your product/service with a substitute

    7. Module 4 Lesson 2 Worksheet 4B

    8. Lesson 3: Assessing your suppliers & how they affect your business

    9. Module 4 Lesson 3 Worksheet 4C

    10. Module 4 Conclusion

    11. Module 4 Quiz

    12. Expert opinion | Building and executing an effective strategy by Michael Niyitegeka

    13. Post Module 4 Feedback

    14. Additional resources

About this course

  • Free
  • 142 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Why the Hi-innovator Business Foundational Course?

The Hi-innovator Business Foundational Course is an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and those who want to better prepare for our accelerator opportunities to leverage flexible self-directed actionable learning to upskill themselves and get their businesses ready. All those that would like to join our accelerator are required to participate in this pre-accelerator.

Why Hi-Innovator?

Are you an entrepreneur with a big dream?

Hi-Innovator is an initiative of Uganda’s National Social Security Fund (NSSF) implemented by Outbox Uganda in partnership with Mastercard Foundation. The initiative is supporting small and growing businesses by extending catalytic seed funding, building the capacity of entrepreneurship support organisations to provide quality technical assistance and working with financing institutions to unlock affordable patient capital so that they can become more competitive.

Open opportunities

NSSF Hi-Innovator Women Accelerator

An initiative that seeks to support women-led and women-managed small & growing businesses with catalytic financing of $20,000, technical assistance, and linkages to markets so as to improve their competitiveness.

Women Accelerator (Window 3)

Deadline to complete the business academy for consideration into the Women accelerator (15th January 2024)

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of courses are offered by the Hi-Innovator?

    The course offered is the pre-accelerator, an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and those who want to better prepare for our accelerator opportunities to leverage flexible self-directed actionable learning to upskill themselves and get their businesses ready. All those that would like to join our accelerator are required to participate in this pre-accelerator.

  • How long does it take for one to complete the course?

    It takes approximately 45 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete a module and two (2) weeks to complete the entire eight (8) modules

  • Are there instructors? How will my assignments be graded?

    The entire course is self-guided and happens online. Your assignments will not be reviewed or graded by an instructor. You will also be expected to undertake the course with your team members

  • How do I enroll for the course?

    Visit and Select 'Enroll for Free' to sign up.

  • How do I log in to a course?

    To access your course, visit your Dashboard and click on your desired course.

  • How can I change my password?

    Go to your Dashboard and click on “My Account.” Then, click “Password” to change your password.

  • How do I earn a certificate of completion?

    To receive a certificate of completion, you must submit all of the required assignments before the final day of the course

  • Contact the Hi-Innovator team

    If your question has not been answered, you can contact us via [email protected] and [email protected]. We’re happy to help!

  • Which hub partners is the Hi-Innovator working with?

    Visit to to find out which hub is in your vicinity


What are our alumni saying about the course?

“I liked it. It was engaging and applicable to so many businesses and situations I would definitely recommend it to all entrepreneurs. My favourite course was "Marketing and selling your business". I also enjoyed “Building and executing an effective strategy”. The course helps you to understand your business, your customers, know how to set up systems and manage your finances better. By the end of the course, you should be able to know the needs of your customers and what problem you are solving. You will also gain the confidence to pitch.”

Florence Kakande, Founder & CEO Equator Commercial Farming & Processing

“We have greatly benefited from the Hi-Innovator pre-accelerator course because it helped us identify our value proposition which has since increased our sales. The grant funding is just a bonus”

Henry Wandera, CEO JH Pork Products

“I was comfortable thinking I understood my business but after undertaking the pre-accelerator course I realized I understood only 30% of the business and was lacking in major areas This course gave me an in-depth knowledge on how to evaluate the business products and processes, proper finance management and an opportunity to attract investment with enhanced skills in pitching to potential investors”

James Ebuk, Founder & CEO Awelo Millers & Packers Limited

“I took a HI Innovator pre-accelerator course and it was pretty easy because I used my phone throughout the course duration. I was able to complete the course well ahead of time. The content of the course is VERY GOOD because it involves a lot of thinking and creativity which in the long run is very informative. I loved and enjoyed every bit of it because it contributed to what I am today. THUMPS UP and I encourage everyone to go for it.”

Nicholas Eyomu, CEO NICHO Ventures Limited

“The course is an online self-paced course that once taken, enables one to gain rich knowledge and skills in business development right from just an idea to successfull implementation and growth of the Business”

Mwagale Barbara- CEO, Kango Microfinance Ltd